The Association For The Blind & Visually Impaired Of Jefferson Country, Inc.


Lighted stand magnifiers
Lighted pocket magnifiers
Magni-Viewer w/neck cord
TV screen enlargers
Computer screen magnifiers

Kitchen Aids
Large print cookbooks
Tactile measuring cups
Tactile measuring spoons
Tactile timer
Braille timer
Liquid level indicators

Sewing Aids
Needle threaders
Spread eye needles
Tactile tape measure

Watches and Clocks
Talking watches
Talking clocks
Low-vision watches
Low-vision clocks

Writing Aids
Marks Script guide
Letter writing guide
Signature guide
Check writing guide
20/20 pens
Low-vision paper
Thick-line paper
Tactile paper

Large print Books
Large print Bibles
Large print dictionary
Address books

Folding Canes & accessories
Super jumbo playing cards
Large number telephones

Loan Cupboard
Audio & Video tapes
Tactile & Low-vision games
Teaching aids
Digital magnifiers